Patrick Bayle
Patrick Bayle

Patrick Bayle

CISSP, Senior Sales Engineer, Cylance

Originally from the finance sector having run the largest antivirus estate in the world, Patrick moved from the frontline to designing and implementing heterogeneous SOC environments for multi-national security integrators in the UK. After reviewing 'Next-Generation AV', Patrick felt compelled to join the market disrupter, Cylance as a Senior Sales Engineer.

Break out sessie
16 maart - 12:30 - 13:15

A Revolutionary Approach To Securing the Endpoint: Using Artificial Intelligence for True Malware Prevention

Signature-based anti-malware technology has been around for thirty years and is no longer able to prevent malware attacks. This session provides a brief history overview of signature-based AV and the technologies that have been created due to the failings of legacy AV. Come see how Cylance is disrupting the market with a new approach to securing the endpoint, using artificial intelligence to prevent over 99% of malware from ever running, all without regular updates, heuristics, behavioural analytics, or sandboxing.

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