Martijn Doedens
Martijn Doedens

Martijn Doedens

Security Consultant, SecureLink

Martijn Doedens is Security Consultant bij SecureLink. Hij is na het afronden van zijn studie Computer Science begonnen als engineer op het gebied van networking en security en heeft de rol van Security Consultant en Architect.

11:30 - 12:15 | Automation and Orchestration in Security Operations

The cybersecurity operations team in the CDC gets overwhelmed by alerts and experience so-called 'SOC fatigue'. What if there is a to automate some crucial steps of incident analysis and response? In this session, we will explain Security Orchestration, Automation & Response (SOAR) to accelerate decisions and truly deliver Managed Detection & Response in a Cyber Defense Center. Orchestrate and automate steps in the process of analyzing a potential security incident so that the security analyst does what he or she is good at and active the incident response action with the SOAR tooling.

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Security Bootcamp is een event van SecureLink Nederland B.V. | Trapezium 224 • 3364 DL Sliedrecht • T +31 88 1234 200[email protected]
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