Lovisa Bonnevier
Lovisa Bonnevier

Lovisa Bonnevier

CISO & GDPR specialist, SecureLink Group

Lovisa Bonnevier has 20 years' experience from the field of cybersecurity. She started out as an IT auditor and has since then worked with managed security services, security consulting and strategic advice. She speaks the language of technical challenges as well as that of management priorities and risk. Lovisa is an appreciated speaker and subject matter expert at various IT security conferences in the Nordics.

Breakout sessie

General Data Protection Regulation
15 maart - 13:25 - 14:10

Lovisa Bonnevier, CISO en GDPR specialist & Alwin Veen, Varonis
The new EU General Data Protection Regulation brings on challenges and new tasks for organizations. This session gives you a brief overview of the regulation and its key requirements, and puts the spotlight on some areas where many customers will need to take action. Focus is on providing actionable advice on how an organization can work towards compliance, while at the same time strengthening its cybersecurity posture.

Deze sessie is in samenwerking met Varonis: Iedere organisatie zal prioriteit moeten geven aan het in kaart brengen van rechtenstructuren, vertrouwelijkheid en de locatie van data. Varonis inventariseert, beveiligt, en automatiseert al deze aspecten binnen dataomgevingen.

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