Lee Fisher
Lee Fisher

Lee Fisher

Head of Security EMEA, Juniper Networks
Lee Fisher has been described as a true IT security 'guru'. It is certainly apt: his knowledge and expertise developed over the course of more than 20 years in IT have helped many customers implement a security strategy that not only safeguards their business and information, but enables Digital Transformation. A noted public speaker on security issues, Lee's passion and style stand out in the sometimes staid world of network security. Prior to joining Juniper Networks, Lee held a number of business and technical roles at Dr Solomon's, McAfee, Hewlett Packard, Nokia Siemens Networks and Citrix. Lee Fisher leads the Juniper Networks security business across Europe, Middle East and Africa. In this role, Lee is responsible for the company's commercial development in the field.
7 maart 13:45 - 14:20 uur

Rethinking Security Models
No matter where we look, everyday there is news of another hack, another data breach and another headache for security teams to deal with. Is it time to look at the security models we use and ask, if they are not suitable going forwards, what models should our businesses adopt?

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