Grant Paling
Grant Paling

Grant Paling

Head of Managed Services, SecureLink UK

Grant has over 10 years in Cyber Security and has worked with some of Europe's largest companies, assisting in their drive to improve security maturity. In his current role, he runs Managed and Assessment Services in the UK as well as serving the wider SecureLink organisation as Service Owner for Cyber Intelligence Services and the Pan-European CSIRT.

March 7, 13:45 - 14:20

Applications of Threat Intelligence & Measuring true risk

There are many different ways to interpret the meaning of threat intelligence – whether we mean threat feeds produced by numerous different open, private and commercial sources; tracking threat actors and their tactics, techniques and procedures; or management of digital threats, through cataloguing and monitoring our digital footprint.

Not only are there challenges in defining cyber threat intelligence, but how then do we apply these different forms of intelligence? And how does this Intelligence inform the risk management capability of an organisation? And how does that then support other fundamental capabilities such as Operational Security, Threat & Vulnerability Management and Supply Chain & External Dependencies Management?

As both a provider and consumer of threat intelligence, SecureLink will delve into these questions and clarify how we see the future of applied cyber threat intelligence and its primary use cases.

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