Francis Bouakhasith
Francis Bouakhasith

Francis Bouakhasith

Sales Engineer Specialist, Email Fraud Defense, Proofpoint

Francis is Sales Engineer Specialist for Proofpoint's Email Fraud Defense solutions, leading effective technical liaison between sales, customers, and partners across Europe and serving as an internal subject matter expert. As part of his role, he led successful DMARC project implementations across European strategic banks, luxury brands and airline companies. Francis joined Proofpoint from Return Path's Security division acquisition in 2016, one of cofounder.

Earlier in his career, Francis worked for Orange as messaging expert, deploying high value email security solutions within Orange's infrastructure. He also contributed to global email security workshops such as MAAWG and E-crime. Francis has a master's degree in Telecommunication Engineering, Ecole Centrale Electronique, Paris.

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Who's really sending that email? Stop spoofing and lookalike domains. DMARC Implementation and beyond
Impostor emails and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks are on the rise. Join us to discuss the latest trends, tactics, and techniques used to commit email fraud and how Proofpoint's EFD solution can help you implement DMARC and fight email-spoofing attacks to protect your brand, your employees, customers and business partners

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