Fabian Guter
Fabian Guter

Fabian Guter

Regional Sales Director Europe, SecurEnvoy

Fabian is SecurEnvoy's regional sales director responsible for Be-Ne-Lux and D-A-CH with experience from working in the smartcard and security industry for 15+ years. He is born and living in Munich, Germany.

8 maart 13:45 - 14:20 uur

SecurEnvoy | Multi-Factor-Authentication for Portals and Cloud Applications

"Applications go cloud, deployed as web applications, portals, and SaaS offerings of formerly client-installed apps. Accessible from wherever you work, these applications require convenient and secure authentication to protect company and personal data. Easy to install, deploy and use Multi-Factor-Authentication helps to stay safe and compliant in the year of the GDPR."


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