Edouard Schneiders
Edouard Schneiders

Edouard Schneiders

Team Captain of Delft Hyperloop
Edouard Schneiders is the Team Captain of Delft Hyperloop, the follow-up to the winning team in the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod competition, where last year he designed a linear motor for the Hyperloop concept. Edouard studies Applied Physics at the TU Delft, likes working in challenging and turbulent environments and is internationally orientated having lived in six different countries. This year he aims to lead the Delft Hyperloop team, 36 of the TU's best students, to victory once again and to take the next steps in realising the Hyperloop concept.

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Delft Hyperloop, Revolutionizing Transportation at the Speed of Sound

Delft Hyperloop is the winning team of the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition I. This is an international engineering student competition that took pace January of 2017, with Elon musk as its visionary, for a transportation system incorporating low-pressure tubes in which vehicles travel near to the speed of sound. The team consists of 36 interdisciplinary students, extremely motivated to make the world cleaner, faster, efficient, and to redefine transportation. Over 2000 student teams applied for the SpaceX Pod Competition, of which only 30 were selected to build, and 3 allowed to perform vacuum tests. These tests were the first ever Hyperloop tests in history. In the near future Hyperloop may have enormous social & economical consequences, combining the speed of an airplane, with the convenience of a train. 



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