Darren Thomson
Darren Thomson

Darren Thomson

VP & Chief Technology Officer, Symantec

Darren Thomson is  Symantec's Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and Vice-President of Technology for the EMEA region. He has overall technical responsibility for our strategic propositions and he is currently responsible for the development and delivery of IT Risk Management, Mobile and Cloud Computing & "Internet of Things" programmes to our major clients. He is currently active in "Smart City" projects across Europe and is a founding board member of the UK's "Hyper/CAT" IoT Advisory Board (technical advisory to the UK Government and the Mayor of London in 2015).

Since joining Symantec in July, 2003, Darren has run various groups including global services practices covering Business Continuity Management, Storage & Data Management and Cloud Computing. More recently he and his teams have worked with our clients to improve their IT risk postures and improve their IT operational effectiveness using forward thinking and innovative techniques.

16 maart - 15:00 - 15:30

Re-Centering The Value of Security (or The Law of Unintended Consequences)
As more and more everyday items become connected, the gathering and correlation of their data will change our lives. Whilst enormously exciting, it is time that we started to focus on the question of "Should We?" and will as "Could We?". This session will consider the implications of current innovation in "The Internet of Things (IoT)" and how the security industry will need to evolve to protect us all in the years to come.

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