Bram de Blander
Bram de Blander

Bram de Blander

Security Engineer, Pulse Secure
I've been active for the past 18 years in the Network and Cyber Security domain. The first 10 years I primarily tech focussed on malware/botnets, C&C servers and other threat research working for an anti-malware vendor. Five years ago, I had the need to broaden my security vendor/product knowledge and went to work in BNL distribution for enterprise NGFW/NGIPS & AMP vendors. In a later stage, I was hired to organise and develop a security department at one of the larger BNL system integrators as a Security Consultant. But now, I'm back at full (technical) force in one of the oddest, but most fun, start-up ever... Welcome to (my) Pulse Secure!

8 maart 13:45 - 14:20 uur

Secure Access for the Next Generation
Pulse Seucure will show you how to build an integrated solution for delivering Secure Access for the Next Generation. In the IT world, where there's an explosion of IOT devices, Cloud services, Mobile connectivity & SDN automation, everybody is trying to find that perfect balance between (manageable) security and productivity (without losing visibility). During this presentation, we will demo you how we, as Pulse Secure, can bring our vision & value to the table.

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