BOOTx - 'Inspirational speeches'

Op 15 en 16 maart kunt u tussen 11:40 en 15:00 uur deelnemen aan het BOOTx programma waarbij u korte 'inspirational speeches' kunt bijwonen van security en infrastructure vendors en startups. Sprekers worden uitgenodigd om in maximaal 15 minuten een presentatie te geven. Zij zullen u proberen te raken en te inspireren, als bij een TED-talk en zoeken verbinding met het publiek door middel van voorbeelden, anekdotes en visuele ondersteuning.

Op 15 en 16 maart tussen 11:40 – 15:00 uur kunt u deze sessies bijwonen in de koffiefabriek. U kunt op ieder gewenst moment in en uit lopen. Of volg de sessies via live streams (woensdag en donderdag).

Woensdag 15 maartDonderdag 16 maart
11:40 Lone Rooftop11:40 Juniper Networks
12:00 Palo Alto Networks12:00 Infoblox
12:20 Symantec12:20 Varonis
12:40 PulseSecure12:40 SecureLabs
13:00 Rapid713:00 Proofpoint
13:20 SecurEnvoy13:20 Logpoint
13:40 Cylance13:40 FireEye
14:00 VMware14:00 Vectra Networks
14:20 Okta 14:20 Aruba HPE
14:40 F5 Networks14:40 Netskope



15 maart

15 maart 11:40 uur • Lone Rooftop • Marcel Lamers, CEO & Co-founder
Building Intelligence through WiFi Location & Analytics

In this presentation, Lone Rooftop will provide a sneak peek into the world of Location Based Services based on wireless networks. Using WiFi and sensors, Lone Rooftop has developed the Position Intelligence Engine (PIE); a platform where a growing number of apps are being released at to optimise buildings when it comes to efficiency, sustainability and hospitality. Hear what PIE can do for your organisation and check out one of their apps in a live-demo!

15 maart 12:00 uur • Palo Alto Networks • Ronald den Braven, EMEA Consulting Engineer Cyber- and Security SaaS

Whether you are new to the cloud or an experienced user, more and more organizations are pushing their public cloud projects forward. With this, challenges are being raised in regards to their security architectures. We at Palo Alto Networks have been assisting our customers in the journey to the cloud and the security steps needed during this journey. You want to know how? Join our BOOTx session!

15 maart 12:20 uur • Symantec • Jannes Bosma, Manager Symantec Blue Coat
Delivering Integrated Cyber Defense in the Cloud Generation

In the cloud generation, we see attacks coming through four primary vectors. Through the user and their devices, the data in all of its locations (including data in the cloud), over the web and email. As the combined company Bluecoat + Symantec, we are the Security company that protects organizations across all 4 vectors by introducing our integrated cyber defense platform. During the session we will give you a first look on our Integrated cyber defense platform and how this fits the next cloud generation of users.

15 maart 12:40 uur • PulseSecure • Jonas Gyllenhammar, Senior Consultant Engineer EMEA
Secure Access – a complete access solution

This session takes you through the Pulse Secure – Secure Access solution. It offers a complete solution for Authentication, Compliance and Role Based Access from everything like BYOD mobile devices to corporate managed laptops, accessing both internal and cloud based resources. All in one solution, for a unified user experience, and simplified policy enforcement.

15 maart 13:00 uur • Rapid7 • Samantha Humphries, International Solutions Manager
Lie to know the Truth

Deception technologies are a wonderful way to catch adversaries in the act. Learn from Rapid7 how you should tell lies to know the truth about potential attackers within your environment.

15 maart 13:20 uur • SecurEnvoy • Fabian Guter, Business Development Manager EMEA
Seamless Authentication with Mobile Devices

Can Two-Factor-Authentication be quicker and easier to use than just a password? Can you take a thirty character login of a username and password and reduce it to a single tap? And provide better security? In this session we show the future of authentication; what's available today and what you should be expecting the world will look like tomorrow when you extend your credentials out to the web for payments, access to storage or simply remote working.

15 maart 13:40 uur • Cylance • Patrick Bayle, CISSP, Senior Sales Engineer
Illusive, Frustrating, Time Consuming.... Why Not Just Take (R)aaS?

Ransomware continues to wreak havoc across the world targeting every industry as well as consumers. It is so easily spread that even the attackers are getting fatigued. Luckily, RaaS offers simple access to new Ransomware that is undetectable by legacy AntiVirus all with 24x7x365 support.

15 maart 14:00 uur • VMware • Martijn Smit, NSX Specialist SE
The "New Security" with Service Chaining on VMware NSX

There's a new Security Model in town: Zero Trust. Trust nothing and only allow connectivity when it is absolutely necessary. Transforming to this new model is impossible without a network virtualization platform like VMware NSX. Integration with advanced firewall solutions from vendors such as Juniper and Palo Alto Networks makes the service chaining possibilities within NSX the best of breed security platform and the only way security is in reach.

15 maart 14:20 uur • Okta • Joshua Kroeze, Sr. Sales Engineer EMEA
Cloud Security Starts with Identity

Today, cloud and mobile computing has changed the nature of the network perimeter. The threat of a data breach has grown. IT security professionals are faced with a monumental challenge: Securing information and identities wherever it resides, without interfering with the productivity of the mobile, connected workforce. What's Covered:
- How adopting cloud solutions improves your security posture and is simplified by Single Sign-on;
- How to unlock smarter security policies by leveraging (Adaptive) Multi-Factor Authentication;
- How having a single identity and provisioning platform helps organizations enforce GDPR aligned policies.

15 maart 14:40 uur • F5 Networks • Dennis de Leest, Security consultant
SSL/TLS Visibility –
is your organization running blind?

As more and more encrypted traffic is created to protect data in transit, many of today’s security tools are running blind. SSL enables businesses to communicate securely with customers and partners. More and more organizations are transforming not just their business services, but all communication from email and social media to streaming video—including outbound—with SSL. And, increasingly, SSL is being applied to internal communications as well, providing an extra layer of security. The level of security provided by SSL is attractive. But at the same time, it’s become a vulnerability vector as attackers use it as a way to hide malware from security devices that can’t see encrypted traffic. Enterprise security solutions must gain visibility into this encrypted traffic to make sure it’s not bringing malware into the network. Join F5 at this presentation to learn more about our security solutions that offer unique levels of visibility minus the pitfalls.

16 maart


16 maart 11:40 uur • Juniper Networks • Lee Fisher, Security Specialist
Security in the era of Digital Cohesion

Imagine a 50-year old diabetic man watching TV at home when he hears a knock on his door. It's a home healthcare professional, alerting him that he will soon experience a diabetic problem if action is not taken immediately. This scenario is closer than you may think. It will be enabled by a term called Digital Cohesion, an era in which multiple applications self-assemble to provide autonomous and predictive services that continually adapt to personal behaviors. These services will automate the mundane, anticipate needs, enable better decisions, and enhance our personal and business lives. To be useful these services will need to be fast (instantaneous) with access to large amounts of knowledge including incorporating all of the sensor data around them. Moving large amounts of information quickly and securely to and within the cloud will be critical and the key competitive differentiator in this new era. It will put tremendous pressure on networking technologies with new approaches needed for automation, security, interoperability and performance.

16 maart 12:00 uur • Infoblox • Paul de Haan, Senior Systems Engineer
Protect your users everywhere with Infoblox ActiveTrust® Cloud

While most Internet communications rely on DNS, it is often not sufficiently secured. Over 91 percent of malware uses DNS to communicate with the command-and-control (C&C) server, exfiltrate data, or redirect traffic to malicious sites. Existing security controls, such as firewalls, email proxies, and web proxies, rarely focus on DNS and associated threats. Infoblox, a market leader in DNS, DHCP and IPAM, has been providing DNS based security for protecting devices and users on-premises for a while. We are now extending that protection to roaming users and remote offices/branch offices with Infoblox ActiveTrust® Cloud. This session will focus on how ActiveTrust® Cloud proactively protects users everywhere: on premise, roaming and in remote office/branch office from cyberattacks. The solution automatically stops device communications with C&Cs/botnets and prevents DNS based data exfiltration. It collects curated threat intelligence data and distributes the verified data to existing security infrastructure to remediate threats and prevent future attacks. It is operationally easy to use, deploy, maintain and enables unified policy management.

16 maart 12:20 uur • Varonis • Alwin Veen, Enterprise Sales Manager

GDPR and insider treats, hoe gaan we hiermee om?

Nieuwe regulaties met hoge boetes komen, aanvallen door hackers en ransomware zijn dagelijks aan de orde. Het beheren en beveiligen van onze data is belangrijker dan ooit! Denk aan Snowden en de Panama papers. Iedere organisatie zal prioriteit moeten geven aan het in kaart brengen van rechtenstructuren, vertrouwelijkheid en de locatie van data. Varonis inventariseert, beveiligt, en automatiseert al deze aspecten binnen dataomgevingen. Wij geven inzage in de risico's en elimeneren deze. Kom en kijk mee hoe wij u helpen!

16 maart 12:40 uur • SecureLabs • Stefan de Wit, Security Consultant
Misbruik van IoT devices is de trend in 2017?

Is het eenvoudig om een IoT device (Internet of Thuisapparaten) te hacken? Kan dit mij ook overkomen? En wat kan ik hier tegen doen?Om hier antwoord op te geven nodigde ik 2 hackers bij mij thuis uit. Kom luisteren naar mijn persoonlijke verhaal over de hack(-poging) op mijn zonnepanelen.

16 maart 13:00 uur • Proofpoint • Ron Jacobs, Regional Manager Benelux
See What's Been Missing with Office365 – advanced email protection

"With Office 365, we knew targeted attacks were happening. We just didn't have the visibility," says Thomas Ahl, HEB Head of Solutions Delivery. "It's nice to finally have an advanced email security solution that's actually focused on security." See instantly who the attacker is, what techniques they're using, and who they're targeting. Detect and respond quickly to threats with security orchestration. Auto-pull threats from mailboxes, contain incidents, and confirm infections. Integrate with your security ecosystem for stronger protection. This session it 's all about Discovering the threats you are Missing, how to Protect and how to Respond faster? How to deal with Business Email Compromise, or email authentication (DMARC)?

16 maart 13:20 uur • Logpoint • Henrik Berggren, Technical Manager
Getting insight and control with SIEM

In this session you will get an introduction to LogPoints enterprise SIEM solution which provides proactive, real time visibility into your IT environment. Easy to use dashboards and report templates combined with advanced analytics will vastly improve your control in areas such as compliance, security and IT operations. We will also visualize the benefits using some example use cases.

16 maart 13:40 uur • FireEye • Pierre Buijsman, Technical pre-sales Director EMEA North
Good security is a marathon, not a sprint

In security, it’s all too easy to get distracted by the latest trend, fad, or buzz.  But what does it take to really improve an organization’s security posture?  It takes a strategic, methodical, and calculated approach to security.  This talk will discuss approaching security as a marathon, rather than a sprint.

16 maart 14:00 uur • Vectra Networks • Matt Walmsley
How to find an attacker within your IT infrastructure

Vectra Networks uses Machine Learning and Data Science to find the presence of threat actors within the IT infrastructure. As the attack surface increases with more IP connected devices it is imperative that organisations can find attackers who have successfully bypassed the perimeter (or indeed have started their attack inside the perimeter). Vectra automates this process and finds attackers in real time as they progress along the lifecycle of the attack. This presentation will introduce you to the power of enabling the machine to augment traditional security operations, increase your security posture, and enable you to find and stop attackers before they are successful.


16 maart 14:20 uur • Aruba HPE • Jon Garside, Senior Product Manager

Help, the toaster stole my bank details

This session looks at the threat posed by IoT, the difference between security and policy and the future of hyper connected security.

16 maart 14:40 uur • Netskope • Thomas Kramps, Regional Director, Northern Europe
Ensuring data security in the cloud under the new EU General Data Protection Regulations

One of the most underestimated compliance challenges that organisations face under the GDPR is the fact that many - if not most - personal data for which the organisation is legally responsible are processed in an unstructured way in the cloud. Under the GDPR it is always the organisation's legal responsibility to protect such unstructured data from loss, alteration or unauthorised processing, even if workers use.


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